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The Importance of Agile Geofencing Within Critical Communication Technology

What is geofencing?

Geofencing has become a popular term and buzzword in recent years that...

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Why is Common Alerting Protocol Important for Mass Communication?

Various institutions in the United States are finally taking steps to install and implement...

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Why Healthcare Institutions are in Dire Need of Mass Communication Systems

Mass communication refers to multiple mediums that are used to contact a large number of people...

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The Importance of Workplace Panic Buttons

A company or any working environment should always be a place where creativity thrives and where...

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Why You Need a Business Emergency Communication Plan

Any company, regardless of the work they do or the market they operate in, should always be...

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Making Sure Your Campus Safety App Awareness Campaign is Successful

Looking to upgrade safety on your college campus? A campus safety app for students, staff,...

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Proactive Hospital Safety A Priority for 2019

The value of creating and maintaining a proactive hospital safety program for hospital employees...

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School Shooting Lessons Learned: Noblesville West Middle School

Recently, Indiana county leaders gathered to attend the Indiana Association of County...

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Keeping Our Schools Safe While Providing Inclusive School Safety Solutions

Amidst all the shouting about protecting our students at school, are we ready to provide inclusive...

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