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Wireless Panic Button Solutions Crucial For Emergency Departments

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What is a complete wireless panic button solution? Why is it important for hospitals and particularly emergency departments to have one?

It’s not a secret to those who work in the healthcare industry that violence against employees is a major concern. And according to many, that violence is even more prevalent within emergency room departments.

In a recent survey conducted by ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians), nearly half (47%) of emergency physicians report being physically assaulted at some point during their career. And almost 70% of emergency physicians say that emergency department violence has increased in the last half decade.

In the same survey by ACEP, nearly all emergency physicians (96% of women and 80% of men) reported that a patient or visitor made inappropriate comments or unwanted advances toward them at some point. Also, more physicians reported feeling “constantly fearful” of becoming a victim of violence in 2018 than in previous years.

So why is healthcare violence more common in emergency departments? Reasons may include prolonged waiting times, increased number of patients using the ER for ‘general practice’ purposes, increased number of patients under the influence of drugs or alcohol and poor environmental design among other things.

When it comes to reducing violence against employees in emergency departments, there is no single solution that will magically make it disappear entirely… but by combining proper training, awareness, hospital policy making / strategizing and cutting edge technology, the problem can be significantly reduced.

Part of that technology solution includes a wireless panic button solution across multiple devices and platforms that is both lightweight on systems and procedures as well as effective and reliable. 911Cellular panic button technology includes Computer Panic Buttons, a Mobile Safety App and Bluetooth Panic Button solutions that can locate a panic signal down to the floor and room number in multi-story buildings. The solution is so effective, one California based hospital system saw panic button response times reduced by 70% since deployment of 911Cellular solutions in 2017.

To learn more about the 911Cellular wireless panic button solution, visit our website.

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