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How Can Businesses Reopen Safely?

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While still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic many organizations are already turning their thoughts, and worries, to an unclear future. How do we collectively restart a stalled economy? What steps will it take for businesses, community organizations, universities, etc. to reopen safely? Reopening processes will need to be different for each organization and is dependent on several factors …

No matter how each of these variables affect your organization, one thing is clear, emerging from this pandemic will take collaboration and clear communication on both an organizational and individual level to reopen safely. On an organizational level this means communicating protocol changes on a consistent basis. This will require that you stay abreast of evolving current state rules/guidelines and how they apply specifically to your organization. Synthesizing this information and providing it in an easily digestible and applicable way is key to solidifying adherence. Communicating protocol changes needs to occur over a wide range of communication platforms in order to reach all members of your audience. However, communicating to your audience is not enough. Collecting community feedback is an essential component to understanding and addressing community needs. 911Cellular’s Mass Notification System allows organizations to send out mass notifications via 10 different platforms (call, text, email, etc.). Organizations can also choose to include community survey questions and feedback boards with their with mass notifications. This makes it effortless to collect and understand community feedback. 

One of the best ways an organization can assist their community members in navigating a post-pandemic environment, is equipping them with useful tools and resources such as…

  • Designated resource centers that distribute masks, gloves, and other PPE (if available)
  • A listing of local food banks, testing sites, mental health centers, and other local community resources
  • Temporary hand sanitizing stations
  • Detailed protocol on:
    • What to do if community members become symptomatic
    • How and when to return to work/school/community activity after testing positive for COVID-19

Knowing where and how to present these tools and resources to your community can be a challenge. 911Cellular’s Mobile Safety App allows organizations to easily display this type of information in two different ways. Within the Mobile Safety App Resource Tile, organizations can list and update COVID-19 response protocol and other helpful organizational links. A Safety Map feature allows organizations to display or “pin” the location of features/resources on a map, such as COVID-19 testing sites. Pins can be created and updated instantly to keep the community best informed. 

Deciding how and when to reopen safely is and will continue to be an unclear path for many communities worldwide. 911Cellular want to empower organizations in treading this path with confidence. If you are interested in learning more about how 911Cellular can assist your organization please visit our website

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